Dermalite Acne & Blemish Treatment Set

A complete and powerful acne free regimen for a clear and beautiful skin.

Each set consist of:
1 x Dermalite Acne Cleanser
1 x Dermalite T3 Conditioning Solution
1 x Dermalite Comedone Control Essence
1 x Dermalite Acne Complex
1 x Dermalite Untinted SPF 30



Dermalite Acne Cleanser
Direction of use:
Wet face and neck areas with water. Apply adequate amount into palm and massage gently to form rich lather. After cleansing, rinse with water thoroughly.

Dermalite T3 Conditioning Solution
Direction of use:
After cleansing face using Active Refreshing Cleanser, distribute Balance Toner evenly with gentle upward strokes. Leave dry for 2 minutes. Do not rinse.

Dermalite Comedone Control Essence
Direction of use:
Apply liberally all over the face and neck. Use when required during the day or night.

Dermalite Acne Complex
Direction of use:
Apply liberally over the entire face after using Dermalite Comedone Control Essence. Dap a thicker layer onto inflamed acne spot.

Dermalite Untinted SPF 30
Direction of use:
Apply liberally onto face, neck and chest before make-up and sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours after swimming or excessive perspiring.