Dermalite Pigmentation & Radiance Treatment Set

Indulge in our luxurious and high-performance skin care essentials for treating pigmentation and promoting radiance for a brighter and youthful looking skin.

Each set consist of:
1 x Dermalite Active Refreshing Cleanser
1 x Dermalite Balance Toner
1 x Dermalite Moisturizing Complex (Oil Free)
1 x Dermalite Mild Peel
1 x Dermalite UV Foundation SPF 30


Dermalite Active Refreshing Cleanser
Direction of use:
Wet face and neck area with water. Then apply adequate amount onto palm and massage gently to form rich lather. After cleansing, rinse with water thoroughly.

Dermalite Balance Toner
Direction of use:
After cleansing face using Active Refreshing Cleanser, distribute Balance Toner evenly with gentle upward strokes. Leave dry for 2 minutes. Do not rinse.

Dermalite Moisturizing Complex (Oil Free)
Direction of use:
Apply liberally all over the face and neck. Use when required during the day or night.

Dermalite Mild Peel
Direction of use:
Apply evenly onto face preferably at night. You will experience mild exfoliation after 10-14 days of continuous use. Once peeling occurs, discontinue use and resume again when dead skin cell reappears after 2 to 3 weeks.

Dermalite UV Foundation SPF 30
Direction of use:
Apply liberally onto whole face and(or) neck before make-up and sun exposure. Reapply 2 hours after swimming or excessive perspiring.